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Text Alerts

If you would like to receive text alert updates from the school you will need to join Twitter. Please note the school website will continue to be the main source of communication but the school will use text alerts for important last minute or emergency situations i.e. snow cancellations, late bus arrivals.


To receive twitter alerts you will need to join twitter(This does not mean you have to become a twitter fanatic, in fact you may never need to touch twitter again). Please follow the instructions below to join twitter, if you already have a twitter account please skip to step 7.
  1. Create a twitter account by signing up at www.twitter.com
  2. Enter your full name, e-mail and a password, it will then suggest available user names that may be appropriate, select one. You will be automatically signed into twitter (it will suggest selecting some people to follow - you do not have to do this).
  3. Click on your user name in the top right hand corner, select settings in the dropdown box.
  4. Under the Account tab you will need to change your time zone to Wellington and you may select to protect your tweets so only your selected friends may see your tweets.
  5. Select the Mobile tab. Select New Zealand in the country/region box. Enter in your telecom or vodafone number and click on the start button. It will ask you to text go to 8987 to confirm your phone number. Once twitter has received this text it will send a confirmation text and the screen will also confirm your cellphone.
  6. You can now select  sign out  by clicking on your name in the top right hand corner and using the drop box. This is the last time you have to go onto twitter.
  7. Text follow HHSevents to 8987. You will now receive all tweets directly to your cellphone.

You can stop this service at any time by texting unfollow@HHSevents to 8987.