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Welcome to the Hoon Hay Sports Page.
This page is updated regularly with current sporting news.
In the Resources module link on this page, you can find current sports draws and results.  Our sports code of conduct and other information.  
Be sure to have a browse through our media gallery at some great sporting action.


Our Vision
Our vision is to provide students with the knowledge, skills, fitness, attitudes and confidence necessary to lead a healthy active lifestyle now and in their future.

Basketball Success - South West Zones 2018 On Tuesday 12th June our Hoon Hay Scorpions team placed 2nd at the South West Zone basketball tournament at Wharenui Stadium. The team dominated their pool play, and then came a very tough semi final, and final. The team did well and finished 2nd to Somerfield School. The team went onto play at Centrals on the 25th June and finished 5th. Well done Scorpions.  Team - Kyle S, Daniel H, Noah G, Cruz M, Jamie R, Jamie P, Nikau J, Korey H, with coach Mrs Drewett.

South West Zone Cross County 2018

This was held at the Halswell Quarry on Wednesday 30th May.  
The following children competed at the zone cross country;
Year 5 - Eadie P, Samantha Y, Lily P, Lachlan R, Travis F, Micah L
Year 6 - Louis W, Cadell D, Jamie P, Abbey S, Eliza G, Lexi G
Our runners had to adjust to a very slippery, muddy course this year. Mud did not deter our students efforts, and the team had a fantastic morning giving it their best out on the course. Congratulations to all our students on their results. Hoon Hay children featured in the top 12 places as follows; Louis W 3rd, Cadell D 8th, Lachlan R 6th, Samantha 6th, Eadie 9th, Abbey 9th These children will continue to train and compete at Centrals on the 20th June. Jamie P, Travis F & Eliza G are all noted as reserve runners for Centrals. WELL DONE HOON HAY Thank you to the parents helpers, check out the photos from the day in the media gallery on this page.

Cross County 2018

Congratulations to all our children who competed in our School Cross Country.  Wonderful to see children being active and trying their best.  
Children all earned house points for crossing the start line and a sense of achievement for crossing the finish line.
Click here to see the top 3 placings in each year group.
Photos from the event are in our media gallery on this page.
Congratulations to Heathcote House for winning the Cross Country this year.

Canterbury Primary Schools Duathlon
The sun shone on Monday 26th March for our athletes competing in the Primary Schools Duathlon at Ruapuna Speedway.  Our 13 Hoon Hay students were nervous and excited on the start lines,  with everyone giving 100% in their race.  Mr Hawes was very proud of the effort and determination shown by our Hoon Hay students, and the results obtained were very impressive. Well done to Nikau J & Cadell D finishing in the top 15 of their field. Check out the photos in our media gallery on this page. 
Full results can be found www.primarysportscanterbury.org.nz 

Hoon Hay Zone Swimming Team 2018
The following 20 children represented Hoon Hay School at the South West Zone Swimming Sports on Tuesday 20th March.
Oshie L,  Jessica P, 
Kyle S, Alex M, Jamison C, Mia F, Zach N, Heath F, Blake J, Travis F, Natalie L, Samantha Y, Jamie R, Brooke C, Niamh E, Eva L, Elsie K, Nikau J, Abbey S, Eliza G

Congratulations team your performance and attitude were outstanding.  We had 15 children make it through to finals in their events which is an awesome achievement.  Well done to Kyle S, Travis F, Oshie L, Mia F, Zach N and Alex M who went on to represent the SW Zone at the Canterbury Primary Schools Swimming Championships on the 5th April.  Some fantastic split times were set in the pool.  Congratulations to Travis F winning the Yr5 Boys 50m Breaststroke at the Centrals.

Legends Swimming Sports 2018
Congratulations to all the children who competed in the Swimming Sports at Wharenui Pool on Monday 5th March.  Children had a great morning, achieving some personal best results.  The winning house on the day, swimming into 1st place was Cracoft.  The following results are from the 25m and 50m events.  See photos in the media gallery on this page.
25m Freestyle Yr 5 Boys - 1st Kenny L, 2nd Aidan T, 3rd SJ Yr 5 Girls - 1st Natalie L, 2nd Poppy Y, 3rd Mia F Yr 6 Boys - 1st Jamison C, 2nd Callum NT, 3rd Cruz M Yr 6 Girls - 1st Ava S, 2nd Hannah M, 3rd Mia S

25m Backstroke Yr 5 Boys - 1st Bronson H, 2nd SJ, 3rd Aidan T Yr 5 Girls - 1st McKenzie G, 2nd Evie J, 3rd Charlotte W Yr 6 Boys - 1st Jamie P, 2nd Nathan B, 3rd William Mc Yr 6 Girls - 1st Tabi C, 2nd Ava S, 3rd Heather B

50m Freestyle

Yr 5 Boys - 1st Travis F, 2nd Zach N, 3rd Kenny L

Yr 5 Girls - 1st Natalie L, 2nd Samantha Y, 3rd Eva L

Yr 6 Boys - 1st Kyle S, 2nd Jamie R, 3rd Alex M

Yr 6 Girls - 1st Brooke C, 2nd Naimh E, 3rd Oceane L

50m Backstroke

Yr 5 Boys - 1st Heath F, 2nd Blake J, 3rd Lachlan R

Yr 5 Girls - 1st Eva L, 2nd Elsie K, 3rd Eadie P

Yr 6 Boys - 1st Nikau J, 2nd Alex M, 3rd Cadell D

Yr 6 Girls - 1st Abbey S, 2nd Jessica P, 3rd Brooke C

50m Breaststroke

Yr 5 Boys - 1st Travis F, 2nd Zach N Yr 5 Girls - 1st Mia F, 2nd Lily P

Yr 6 Boys - 1st Jamison C, 2nd= Jamie R & Kyle S Yr 6 Girls - 1st Oceane L, 2nd Eliza G, 3rd Emma CL



New Sports Uniforms 2018
A big thank your to our school PTA and the NZ Community Trust for funding to purchase new sports uniforms for our teams.  How great do these uniforms look, thanks to the models from Room 19 

Miniball Teams 2018 - Term 1
Hoon Hay Dodgers, Hoon Hay Lakers and Hoon Hay Rockets.
We have three Yr4 miniball teams competing at Pioneer Stadium on Wednesday afternoons this term.  Draws can be found under the resource link on this page.  Come down and check out the action on court. We wish the teams a fun season.

Touch Rugby 2017
Well done to all our 7 teams this season, the weather has been perfect each week to allow us to play every game.   Big congratulations to both our Yr 4 teams making the final, with Raiders taking first place for the season and Terminators finishing as runners up.  Pictured here are the MVP's chosen by their coaches & teams.

Central Athletics - Ashburton - 6th December 2017
Congratulations to our team of 8 students who travelled to Ashburton to take part in the Primary Schools Athletic Championships.  The weather was perfect for competition and our children did us proud competing against the best of the best in Athletics from schools throughout Canterbury, Mid Canterbury, North Canterbury and the West Coast.  2100 competitors were at the event and Hoon Hay collected some fantastic results.  Jamie P showed his class jumping almost his height in high jump.  In the throwing circles we had Sophie Y, Tabitha C, Austin MS and Sam H all recording fantastic distances with discus and shot put.  Eliza G & Sophie Y showed their style around the long distance track as first events for the day.  Our 3 sprinters Keira R, Rhiannon M, and Jamie P showed just how quick they could make the dash to the finish line in some very fast sprint heats. Austin MS - 5th - 10 yr boys Shot Put 9.72m Sam H - 3rd - 11 yr boys Discus 28.22m Jamie P - 2nd - 9yr boys High Jump 1.23m Jamie P - 4th - 9yr boys 80m Sprint

Athletics Days 2017
Teams Harakeke & Minnows have now had their athletics days, with lots of fun in the sunshine.  Check out the action pictures in the media gallery on this page.

South West Zone Athletics - 2nd November 2017
Great Hoon Hay sportsmanship was on display down at Hillmorton High School on Thursday for the South West Zone Athletics.  Our Hoon Hay zone team of 40 children threw far and jumped high, all giving it their best on the day.  We had some very pleasing results, collecting 13 ribbons for our school as follows;
High Jump - Jamie P (2nd), 
Discus - Sam H (1st), Sophie Y (3rd) Tabi (2nd)
Shot Put - Austin MS (1st)
Sprints - Jamie P (1st), Sam H(3rd), Rhiannon M (3rd), Keira R (3rd)
Long Distance - Sam H (2nd) Sophie Y (2nd), Eliza G (3rd)
Relay -9 yr boys (2nd) -  Louis W, Max M, Cadell D, Daniel H
Eight children have qualified for Centrals and will compete at Ashburton in early December.

South West Zone Athletics Team 2017
Congratulations to the following children who will be representing Hoon Hay School at the South West Athletic Zones on the 2nd Nov at Hillmorton High School.  
Team; Max M, Jamie P, Louis W, Cadell D, Daniel H, Tessa W, Eliza G, Rhiannon M, Charlotte B, Brooke C, Jessica P, Abbey S, Austin MS, Kenny J, Nikau J, Sergi D, Jamie R, Liam E, Cruz M, Gabe T, Nathan B, Alex H, Tabi C, Chloe A, Sophia L, Gina Z, Aimee W, Eden KT, Shyla H, Sam H, Zeke F, Quinn A, Thomas K, Kamai P, Blake B, Keira R, Sophie Y, Milla H, Jaxon A and Sophia PE
Good luck children run fast, jump high and throw far!

Totara Athletics Day - Tuesday 17th October 2017
The weather was looking marginal but the sun came out and a fantastic day was had by all, we even needed the sunscreen.  Children had a very active day competing in Shot Put, Discus, High Jump, Long Jump, Sprints and Long distance running.  Some great individual results were recorded with the top 3 place getters in each event were wearing their ribbons with pride for the day. Congratulations to all children for giving it their BEST AND MORE IMPORTANTLY GIVING ALL THE EVENTS A GO!!!!   Click here to see the results.

Touch Rugby 2017
We have 7 teams entered in the Thursday competition this season at Centennial Park.  Two Year 4 teams; the Raiders and Terminators.  Five Year5/6 teams; Force, Thunder, Magic, Dodgers and Hurricanes.  Games are played between 4pm-6pm each week and draws can be found on this page below our media gallery, in the resource link.  We thank the coaches for taking our teams and hope the children all have a fun summer season.

South West Zone Winter Tournament 2017

This tournament took place on Tuesday 8th August, at Hagley Park.  Our Netball Red, Football Red, Hockey Red and Hoon Hay Taniwha’s all played in some very competitive round robin tournaments.  At tournament the game times are very short but the competition is intense.  Our children all did themselves and our school proud.  Congratulations to all who represented our school, plus our coaches who do an awesome job with our teams. Hockey Red  finished 5th in their competition, and the Taniwha’s team placed 3rd on the rugby fields.  Netball Red were on fire winning all their games for the day which placed them in 1st position.  Football Red had some great games and it came down to the wire as they were tied with another school for first place.  It was an anxious wait while organisers had to go back on count of goal difference to see which team would be awarded first place.... Winners are grinners and Hoon Hay was all smiles!  Netball Red & Football Red will now represent the South West Zone and go on to play at the Central tournament on the 24th August (pp 29th/31st Aug)

Lions Tour "Pass the Ball" Competition
Hoon Hay school has got right behind this challenge to see what distance we could cover by passing and throwing the rugby ball to each other, while the Lions tour weaves it's way around NZ. Not only have we got fit, improved our catching skills and calculated large math sums, we have covered 468km !! That is Christchurch to Nelson. Way to Go Hoon Hay 



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