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Concerns, Complaints or Compliments

We want to hear them all!

From time to time we get things wrong and we need to know when we do, so tell us. Please talk to the person who can fix your problem. Telling 10 other parents what is wrong and what needs to be done won't fix the problem, it will only make you and them feel worse! Come in and talk to us.
If your concern is related to your child and their learning, then the teacher is the person you see first. Most concerns are easily sorted. If you are not happy with the response then contact the Team Leader and then if still not resolved contact the Principal.
If your concern is related to school organization or management please contact the Principal.
If you have been through this process and it is still not resolved you can make a formal complaint to the BOT - go to schooldocs for the full policy and procedure.

We also want to hear the things that we do well - so please tell us!

For the full complaints policy and procedure please visit SchoolDocs.
User name is: hoonhay and the password is: sparks.