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Emergency Evacuation Procedure

In the event of an aftershock we will follow the earthquake procedure which is practiced regularly at school.

Children stop, drop and cover wherever they may be.

If the aftershock is significant we will assemble out on the field in the emergency evacuation position. After an appropriate amount of time a property check will happen and if no damage is sighted the children will return to classrooms and carry on. If there is damage, children will stay on the field or move to a safe undamaged area of the school. If there is a loss of power and you cannot contact us please feel assured that your children will be well supervised, cared for and will be on the field waiting for you.  When you collect your child please inform the teacher that you are taking your child home so that we can record the whereabouts of each child. We politely ask that you leave the school grounds quickly. The website is the main information source so please check regularly.

We know that this procedure works and we regularly practice it so that we all know what to do.  The safety and wellbeing of your children is of primary importance to us and we do this well. In fact, your children's safety is our highest priority!