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Parent Teacher Association

The PTA at Hoon Hay is comprised of some dedicated parents and school staff. We play a vital role in supporting the school in number of areas:

-   Fostering strong community bonds
-   Assisting Teachers when needed
-   Fundraising to supplement funding

The PTA is tasked with ensuring we provide fun, school community orientated events.  This includes such things as providing Sausage Sizzles/Hot Chocolates for the children, running Family Fun nights, organising fun entertainers for the children, school discos and social evenings for parents such as Trivia Nights. These enable us to provide our school community with the opportunity to come together and get to know one another. Relationships are important at Hoon Hay School. 

Assisting Teachers/PTA
Occasionally the teachers  require help with specific tasks and the PTA like to help out. Conversely when fundraising, the teachers are always available to help us  to ensure our events are successful.  We are very lucky at Hoon Hay that we have such dedicated teachers who always support our fundraising schemes.

Every year the PTA works closely with the BOT and Principal to determine what the highest need is for fundraising. Every year we run small fundraising events i.e., sausage sizzles, mufti days, cards and calendars, but we also run one or two major events. 

Joining the PTA
f you are interested in joining the PTA, click here and someone will contact you or  you can contact the chairperson or any other member of the PTA (contact details at the office).  Feel free to just turn up to any meeting and you will be welcomed.  If you just want to get an idea of  how the PTA works come along...... there is no pressure to join.

Our meeting dates are advertised on the school calendar and in the school newsletter. We meet in the School Staffroom at 7.30 pm.

Friends of the PTA , if you are unable to actually join the PTA but would like to help out on occasion for events, please click here to contact us, and we will keep your details on a list of Friends that would like to help us out.  We will call you when we need helpers.

Chairperson:  Michelle Fletcher
Secretary:      Phil Hotter
Treasurer:      Rae Stewart 

Committee Members: Rachel Charman, Lou Cameron,  Annette Radford, Trinity Hawker and Dan de Boer.