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The Hoon Hay Way                                                                                                      

What is The Hoon Hay Way?

* Noticing children doing the right thing

* Acknowledging children demonstrating the qualities
   - Responsibility
   - Respect
   - Persistence
   - Curiosity

* Being clear and consistent in our expectations



to be respectful the children will;
- Be kind and caring
- Be honest
- Be happy inside (have self worth)
- Be considerate
- Use their manners
- Listen to others
- Be trusting of others
To be responsible the children will;
- Look after belongings
- Be active in their learning
- Know right from wrong
- Make good choices
- Own their own actions
- Look out for others 
To be persistent the children will;
- Be the best they can be
- Be determined
- Never give up
- Consider different ways
- Take risks
- Commit to their learning

To be curious the children will;
- Question
- Wonder
- Discover
- Challenge
- Think critically
- Reflect
- Inquire
- Investigate
- Experiment
- Use their senses
- Be open minded to new ideas

The Background

The Hoon Hay Way is based on the Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) and promotes a positive school environment where all children can have successful academic and social outcomes.

It is a Ministry of Education initiative and is based on research completed, firstly in American schools, and latterly in New Zealand schools. It has been shown to make significant improvements in children’s learning.


Meet the Team:
  • Lee McArthur

  • Wendy Dent

  • Emma Worsfold

  • Di Stayt

  • Megan Andrews

For more information please click here to visit the PB4L Website.

School-Wide Pro-active Positive Initiatives


For those displaying 'The Hoon Hay Way', tokens are awarded.

  • The tokens are given for displaying the Hoon Hay qualities during playtime and lunchtimes

  • Tokens are cumulative

  • The child hands the token into their teacher. The teacher records who receives a token and for which quality

  • 12 tokens earns a postcard, of children displaying the qualities, from Ms McArthur

  • 25 tokens earns red wristband

  • 50 tokens earns a blue wristband

  • The wristbands are presented at Team Assemblies

Hot Chocolate

  • Anyone who has received a token will be in the draw for ‘The World’s Best Hot Chocolate’ with Ms McArthur

  • Winners will be announced at full school assembly

House Points

  • House Group allocated at enrolment (Worsley, Sparks, Heathcote and Cracroft)

  • Same family, same House Group

  • House points given during team and school events

  • Each fortnight, at full school assembly the winning house is announced

Hoon Hay Certificates

  • The Hoon Hay qualities are celebrated with certificates at fortnightly full school assemblies.

Qualities are Taught

  • Each quality, in specific contexts, with expected behaviours clearly stated, are explicitly taught in every classroom.

What about consequences?

  • Every behaviour that doesn’t meet expectation will be dealt with at the time with an appropriate consequence and reparation.

  • The behaviour is recorded on our electronic system

  • The behaviour is shared with the classroom teacher and the Senior Management team

  • The child’s behaviour is monitored

  • Behaviour patterns and trends are analysed each term

  • Parents will be contacted when necessary

In Summary

We will be promoting and noticing positive behaviours to ensure all children make good decisions so they can be successful - socially and academically.

That is... happy children, wanting to come to school, who live the qualities of respect, responsibility, persistence and curiosity.