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Blogging is a powerful teaching and learning tool. The concept of blogging is that by sharing your learning, views and thoughts, to as many people around the world as possible, you are making a genuine contribution to the learning of others and you are able to benefit from the different thoughts, perspectives, concepts, and beliefs of a range of experts and 'teachers', when it comes to your own learning.

Below you will find the links to our school and class blogs. We would love for you to check out our blogs and see what is going on in our school.

On our class pages, you will find links to our students Individual blogs.

Don't forget to leave us some comments. For tips on what makes a good comment check out this video made collaboratively by Hoon Hay and OLA students. 

Class Blogs
Room 1 - The Secret Sea Cave
Room 2 & 3 - Pirates on the Reef

Room 4 - The Rocky Shore
Room 5 - The Beach
Room 6 - Jellyfish Cove
Room 7 - Dolphin Bay
Room 8 - Tuatara Rock
Rooms 10 & 11 - Land of the Lorax
Room 12 - Bottle Lake Forest

Room 13 - The Kowhai Tree
Room 14 - The Pohutukawa Tree
Room 15 - Te Kanawa's Marae
Room 16 - Cooper's Whare
Room 18 - Jackson's Studio 

Room 19 - Rutherford's Den
Room 20 - Hillary Hub
Room 21 - Blake's Boatshed

School Blogs
Hoon Hay Kapa Haka 
Mighty Minnows