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School Shop

Use our School Shop to easily pay for your school activities and to book and pay for selected events at Hoon Hay School. It is open 24/7 making payments easier for everyone and it is our preferred method of payment.

Click on the button (left) to go through to the shop.

We have spent time researching online payments packages offered to schools and feel confident that this package will meet the needs of both parents and the school allowing financial transactions to be seamless for parents. Our Finance Committee is satisfied that the terms and conditions are in line with good practice.

First Time Users - 
please read

Creating an account is easy and for step-by-step instructions, please read here for
 FURTHER INFORMATION - there are also some u-tube clips at the bottom of this page.

1. "Click here to register. All you need is the email address we hold for you at school (usually caregiver #1).

2. Shopping. Items can be added to your shopping cart, by clicking on your child's name next to an item. Either save and keep shopping, or save and proceed to checkout.

3. Payment. To pay for your items use one of these options:
Account 2 Account - Instant transfer.
Credit/Debit Card -  2% fee applies. Instant transfer - Visa &MasterCard available.

Bank Transfer - please allow 2 days for your Kindo balance to be credited.

4. Your order will automatically go through to the school and you will receive an email receipt confirming your payment or top-up.

It's an easy one-stop shop for all your school costs.

See it in action
 How to purchase and pay